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Zero (Nov, 1989)
If you are looking for a very playable conversion of the arcade game, then this is it.
The One (Oct, 1989)
Everything said about the Amiga version applies to the ST - the only differences seem to be the ever-so-slightly slower disk loader and the "set-ready-go" lights at the start of the race that set you off that bit more quickly.
There are some interesting aspects to this game which gives it a slight edge over other similar offerings. If you crash, for instance, your car is damaged but not completely written off, so you still have time to crawl into the pits for repair. Well worth a look if you're a racing fan.
Graphically as good as the Amiga, the ST's scrolling is a little faster. This makes avoiding the other racers trickier, but adds to the frustration - especially when the car stops inches short of the finishing line. Sound isn't quite as impressive as on the Amiga, but when the playability is so high who really cares?
ST Format (Nov, 1989)
Other than that there are no problems with this fast and furious game. Once you've completed every course you'll probably only play it occasionally, but it's gonna take a long time before you master them all.
Atari ST User (Jan, 1990)
Niceties such as randomly occurring thunderstorms and animated start and finish sequences have all been included at no extra cost. Continental Circus is an all action program that brings the glitz of the arcades to your ST screen.
A reasonable enough attempt at the coin-op, but more detailed 3D would have helped. Otherwise it's a pretty nifty race game, as frustrating as it is addictive.
Raze (Jun, 1991)
[Budget re-release] The graphics are not exactly stunning, but they are fast and smooth and that's what counts. Continental Circus is one of those games that doesn't look good from some over someone's shoulder, but when you get down to play it, you'll find it hard to leave.
ST Format (May, 1991)
Continental Circus is twee. It's remarkably like Outrun in terms of joystick skills, so if you like that game you're going to enjoy this. If you want a simulation, though, buy something else. If you want cheese, go to a cheese shop.
Power Play (Nov, 1989)
Continental Circus ist ein Rennspiel, bei dem man mit pausenlosem Bleifuß-Gedröhne nicht weit kommt. Da alle Fahrzeug-Sprites recht groß geraten sind, müßt Ihr vor allem in Kurven sehr vorsichtig fahren, um nicht die Stoßstange des Vordermanns zu liebkosen. Hat man sich erst warmgefahren, kommt man mit Steuerung und Schwierigkeitsgrad zurecht. Die Strecken sind gut spielbar und die Boxenstops sorgen für zusätzliche Spannung. Alles in allem eine erfreuliche Umsetzung, die sich alle ansehen sollten, die ein wenig Formel-l-Atmosphäre am heimischen Computer schnuppern wollen.