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To be honest, this is actually a NARC clone, but with added movie-like pieces. So if you're a fan of the NARC coin-op, and you don't mind the slightly slow pace of the action, take a look.
Atari ST User (May, 1991)
The graphics become boring and you feel restricted because of the small playing area. One aspect of Crime Wave that does liven up the proceedings is the extremely effective sound. Explosions blast convincingly from your monitor as limbs and blood spatter the ground. Crime Wave has a certain amount of addictiveness but not quite enough to provide complete value for money.
The action may get a little repetitive in the long run, but otherwise it's a competent blast that neatly overshadows the Amiga version of NARC.
Play Time (May, 1991)
Graphik, Sound, Scrolling und Steuerung schwächer als bei der Amiga-Version, aber nur unwesentlich. Trotzdem ist das Spiel genauso teuer, also wirklich kein gutes Geschäft für ST-Besitzer.
Raze (Apr, 1991)
Unfortunately, though, and despite the excellent introduction sequence, Crime Wave offers nothing overly exciting to take it above the average fare available. It plays too slow but it's hard work to stay alive, although ultimately it becomes very repetitive.
ST Format (Mar, 1991)
A truly awful game, dragged out of the 20 percent range by the amusing nature of the graphics. Sure the screen shots look great, but that's as far as it goes. Crime Wave is just further proof that companies should get back to grass roots and concentrate on the game itself rather than the fancy packaging.
Die ST- und Amiga-Fassung brillieren durch gnadenlos schlecht digitalisierte oder gezeichnete Grafiken, eine unglaublich zähe und langsame Steuerung und Animation sowie Ruckelscrolling vom Feinsten. Eine gezielte Ballerei ist völlig unmöglich, die Krückenanimation und wahllose, heftige Ballerei der Feindsprites sind ein Schlag ins Gesicht des Spielers.