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ST Format (Jul, 1990)
Despite the impressive appearance of the game, some of the options that made the arcade version such a hit have not made it onto the ST. The only two-player mode available is as a team, and plays aren't as fluid as they were in the original. Cyberball relies on fast-paced explosive action and the hard, robotic battering should appeal to macho Gridiron fans in particular. If other "future sports" aren't tough enough for you, then work out your aggression on Cyberball!
The lack of the hard-hitting Amiga title tune was no surprise, neither was the graphical similarity. The ST version of Cyberball contains the same colourful, tough nut robots and atmospheric sound effects. Again, grid iron aficionados will probably like this.
Power Play (Aug, 1990)
Knack, Knirsch, Rumpel: Wenn wuchtige Roboter zu einem American Football-Match mit ein paar kleinen Sonderregeln antreten, bleibt keine Schraube trocken. Die Umsetzung des Action-Sportspiels "Cyberball" von Amiga auf ST gelang quasi 1:1.