Defender of the Crown Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

The title screen.
A castle.
Choose your Saxon lord to play as.
The main map of England.
Rocks away!
It looks like the bad guys have set your castle on fire...
The battle screen.
The fair lady Rosalind has been kidnapped and you and Robin Hood set off to free her.
All right, come down here and fight like a man!
The bad guys are taken care off, now unto the Saxon damsel...
She's so happy that you saved her, that she soon becomes your bride.
You and your lady on the main map.
These creeps look kike they're up to no good...
Play those trumpets, guys!
The tournament grounds
Your goal: knock the other guy off of his horse!
Side view showing the results.
Laying siege to a Norman castle.
A Saxon lady.
The Saxon lady Rebecca.
You have rescued the Saxon lady Anne and now she is madly in love with you.
The cinematic love scene after you rescue a Saxon maiden.
Our hero makes his move...
Saxon lady Katharine.
Choose your stakes at the tournament.