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Raze (Mar, 1991)
Hectic action for shoot-'em-up fans.
Graphically similar to the Amiga version, but without the full-screen scrolling, the ST game is lacking in more than one department - the scrolling is slow and jerky, the sprites are very bland in appearance and jerk along at a very slow pace. The digitised speech is gone, as is any feeling of playability this game once had. If you're looking for a fast action game, forget it - you certainly won't find one here!
Oh, oh: cosa succede? Il game è tutto qui, la grafica è stupida, il suono è orribile e la giocabilità non può neanche essere confrontata con la conversione Amiga: un disastro quasi totale!
ST Format (Feb, 1991)
ESWAT is actually an anagram of "waste", which is a fitting coincidence. Is it your time or your money that's being wasted? Is it both? I think we should be told.
Bei soviel Mängeln kann man eigentlich nur zu einem Schluß kommen: Eswat wurde husch- husch produziert, um ja noch das Weihnachtsgescbäft mitzunehmen. Aber das war ja wohl nix...