F-15 Strike Eagle (Atari ST)

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F-15 Strike Eagle Credits


Original game design and programmingSid Meier, Andy Hollis
Atari ST Project LeaderEd Bever
Atari ST Screen GraphicsMichele Mahan
Original Graphic DesignMichael O. Haire, Murray Taylor, Max D. Remington III
Atari ST Program ConversionDigital Illusions, Mike Jones
World Graphics and databasesBruce Campbell Shelley, Max D. Remington III
Music and SoundKen Lagace
Manual TextJeffery L. Briggs
Print Media DirectorIris Leigh Idokogi
IllustrationsMarcell E. Ciola
LayoutIris Leigh Idokogi, Jackie Ross
Quality AssuranceAlan Roireau, Chris Taormino, Russ Cooney
Packaging DesignMark J. Ciola, John Emory

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jo ST (22675) and Martin Smith (63024)