Future Wars: Adventures in Time Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

From the intro
Title screen
The starting location
Office building.
Inside your boss' office.
Medieval village.
Inside the inn.
Tree in the forest.
The monastery is guarded by a wolf.
There's a beautiful girl held captive here.
The head monk has passed out. Now you can search though his stuff.
Fancy stain glassed windows here.
A touching reunion.
But time travel is impossible... Isn't it?
The future! Looks pretty bleak to me.
Searching through the bombed out ruins.
Sewer system.
Outside a futuristic building.
The subway system of the future!
Boarding an aircraft.
An interesting cave structure.
Arcade sequence - blast the aliens.
Inside the alien ship.
Alien ship.
Ship taking off.
Leaving the earth.
16 bit graphic warp, Scotty!
Alien space station.
Docking bay.
Cargo hold.
Running to save the world!