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Galaxy Force is a fast and furious blast-'em-up on the ST. The sprites are smooth and colourful, and gameplay very involving. However, whilst it contains the heart of the coin-op (including the great soundtrack), it lacks the guts provided by the hydraulics.
ST Format (Jan, 1990)
Galaxy Force is great fun for half an hour. If you're into mindless blasting you'll have a whale of a time, but it lacks the challenging gameplay which is rapidly becoming crucial to 16-bit games. Gone are the days when a game could succeed solely on the "Wow!" factor.
Although the graphics and 3D routines are excellent, the gameplay severely lacks challenge and it's very easy to go all the way through the game in one sitting.
ST Action (Jan, 1990)
Galaxy force reminded me of that pathetic conversion, AfterBurner, except that it was set in the future. The game was fairly good to begin with, but after a short time it became boring and I found myself reaching for the off switch. The game was far too repetitive for my liking, but if a different level had been added it might have caught my attention. The game's graphics are reminiscent of the Titus game, Galactic Conqueror, except that Galaxy Force is smoother. All in all, I think that without the hydraulic chair, as in the arcade version, the game is nowhere near as good as it could have been, and because of that I can't really recommend it.
Dimentia were the development house who put their name to ST Galaxy Force. I can't believe it is one of their proudest achievements. The 3D routines just aren't convincing. It's graphics are C64, circa 1985, standard.
Dieses abgefahrene Gameplay wird durch die augenbeleidigende Grafik noch weiter vermurxt. Der Versuch, die flüssigen Flugsequenzen der Space-Harrier-Vorlage zu kopieren, scheint hier völlig mißlungen zu sein. Auch die Übersicht geht manchmal flöten, was unweigerlich zu Kollisionen mit Gegner oder Tunnelwänden führt. Weil soweit schon alles mittelmäßig bis floppig war, darf auch der Sound nicht zu weit ins Positive schlagen. Na ja, es dröhnt und kracht, ein bißchen Melodie ist dazwischen, und das war‘s auch schon. Kein Grund, gleich ins Geschäft zu rennen, um das gute Geld zu verplempern.