Game Over II Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

Loading screen
Title screen
Only a box to play in!
Dodging the asteroid field
They will rotate and follow you
Entering zone 2
That's not the sun, it's a rock ejected from that crater
It's... Game Over
In zone 3 is set underground.
..where you battle a flying centipedes and monstrous slowdown.
In zone 4 you ride a fat, tail-less kangaroo through a swamp... weird!
You start the second half of the game without any weapons
Unlike the earlier portion, this part of the game is not broken down into zones.
An alien garage.
Being stalked by a robot in a gas mask.
Ooo! Look what I found! Now to find out what it does.
The maze is pretty large.
And there we have it! If only the next screen over contained a giant letter U... now THAT'd be fun!
Snaaaake! It's a snaaaake!
At least the graphics are somewhat varied.
I'm not entirely sure what does letter S on top of the door signify.
More weird alien things.
Some nice sample of local flora.
A giant flower.