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Atari ST User (Dec, 1989)
I thouroughly enjoyed both games and think they will appeal to most that want a break from the common shoot-'em-ups. I have been playing California Games on the PC for about twelve months and now its on the ST I consider it to be slightly better than Games Summer Edition.
ST Format (Sep, 1991)
[Budget re-release] The Games summer Edition is excellent value for money. The range of events covered by the game should ensure that even it you don't like a certain event you can concentrate on the others, and a practice option gives you the chance to hone your skills in each. On the whole, the graphics are detailed and fairly realistic and there's some sampled sound. Even the spot effects are above average. About the only minus point is the constant disk swapping. Let's face it, at this price the only thing you can lose are the events.
Graphics on both versions are colourful and nicely detailed - especially on the hammer throw when a badly timed projectile hurtles towards the screen and seemingly smashes it, and on the Amiga game with the newspaper headlines reporting your successes. If you have arm muscles the size of Sly Stallone and the stamina of a marathon runner, take a look at this classic sporting sim.
THE GAMES - SUMMER EDITION ist zur Zeit die beste Olympiasimulation für die 16-Bit-Rechner. Sowohl die Grafik als auch die Seoul-mäßige Sound-Seite kann vollauf überzeugen. Die Amiga-Version ist gegenüber der ST-Fassung gemäß der Fähigkeiten verbessert worden. Der Sound klingt um einiges voller, und viele grafische Details wurden besser gestaltet. Da dürften weder die ST-noch die Amiga-Freaks mosern, denn beide Fassungen sind hervorragend gelungen. Empfehlenswert - und zwar bedingungslos!
ST Format (Oct, 1989)
The Epyx games have always managed to mix pure waggle with some skill to produce games that anyone can master eventually - and Summer Edition has the mix just right. The only really bad point to the game is the amount of disk swapping necessary to play through a series of events. Humour only occasionally creeps into most sporting sims. But Summer Edition raises a smile for almost every occurrence. These humorous asides don't add anything to the gameplay, but they certainly makes it much more fun.
Power Play (Nov, 1989)
Wer anspruchsvolle Sportspiele schätzt, bekommt viel für sein Geld geboten. “The Games: Summer Edition“ ist eines der besten Sportspiele, die es derzeit für den ST gibt.
Any one who enjoys sports simulations is going to love this game, which has to be Epyx's best yet. All of the events are easy to learn, but present enough of a challenge to keep you amused for some time. As an added bonus there are also attractive medal ceremonies. A must for all joystick athletes.
Slightly weaker sound and graphics separate this from the Amiga version. It also comes on four disks rather than two, so playing is a little more awkward.