Lure of the Temptress Credits

Game Packaging Credits

Packaging illustration (uncredited)Dermot Power (as Power 92)

Credits in Manual

System designTony Warriner, David Sykes
ProgrammingTony Warriner, David Sykes
Game authorDave Cummins
Graphic artAdam Tween, Stephen Oades, Paul Docherty (as Dokk)
MusicRichard Joseph (as Richard Josephs)
Sound effectsRichard Joseph (as Richard Josephs)
ProductionDaniel Marchant (as Dan Marchant)
DirectionCharles Cecil
TestingPaul Coppins
Manual designDefinition
Special thanks toSean Brennan, Bob , Noirin Carmody (as Noirin)

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Credits for this game were contributed by ZeTomes (36405)