Mean Streets Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

Access and the Code Monkeys presents...
Mean Streets - Title screen.
The main menu.
The story so far...
Tex's Speeder.
Lee Chin, Tex's informant.
Vanessa, Tex's secretary.
The navagation screen for the Speeder.
A gun fight arcade sequence.
Looks like a dead end here...
Tex enters his Speeder.
Carl's home.
Tex drops by Sylvia Linsky's apartment.
Sylvia Linsky.
The beach house.
A NEXUS computer. A passcard and a password are required to use it.
Talking with Lola.
Talking with Sandra Larsen.
J Saint Gideon's pad. Big, huh?
Talking with J Saint Gideon.
A torn up lab, and a dead guy on the floor... Something evil is afoot.
Coit Tower.
Larry and Darrel Hammond.
Am I seeing things, or is that a big sign for US GOLD?
The people at US GOLD are too busy to talk to Tex.
After visiting US GOLD, I got this fax full of shameless plugs for other US GOLD games.
Underground lab.
Davis' lab.
Frank Schimming, ruthless business man.
Dropping by the Insurance Company.
Peter Dull, life insurance salesmen.
The Medical Examiner's office.
Medical Examiner.
Fletcher, a tough old guy.
At the beach.
Crooked cop.
Getting thrown out of a building.