Midwinter (Atari ST)

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Written by  :  Roland Frost (3)
Written on  :  Oct 19, 2009
Platform  :  Atari ST
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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It's all about atmosphere

The Good

A real classic game, and still fun to play today.

Great atmospheric winter world. Hang gliding alone is worth the effort (while listening to Pink Floyd's "Learning to fly" and "Terminal frost" ;) ). The size and diversity of the fractal landscape is enormous (give me that algorithm, please!), the rendering beautiful (taken into account the hardware).

There are many human characters with different abilities. The strategic elements are overwhelming. Who will travel where to accomplish which task? Who will recruit whom? Stay and fight or leave and recruit companions? Attack with a buggy (and risk losing it) or rather try sniping from the steeple? Or use your time to gather explosives and blow up enemy buildings?

The Bad

I lost too many hours of my life playing it...

Apart from that, mortars and bombers are real nags. They make the game very difficult, because they are ubiquitous and their attacks are unpredictable and hard to counter. I switched them off (thankfully, that's possible). This, in turn, makes the game rather easy to finish.

The quasi-parallel nature of the characters' gameplay leads to illogical situations, but that's unavoidable.

Also, the only reason the small guerrilla force actually has a chance to overcome the huge army of General Masters is the simple fact that the enemy vehicles attack one at a time. This certainly is illogical.

And, yes, an option to speed up travel would have been desirable. You spend too much time just watching the beautiful landscape passing by.

The Bottom Line

Great atmospheric strategy game with action and role-play elements.