Nightdawn Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

Title screen
Level 1: transport to starting position
Without fetching this item you cannot fire any shot! So get that first.
Without the ability to detect mines, you have to find them by trial-and-error: a very live consuming way
A cannon is defending the badly required extra for detecting mines
Luckily I found the shooting extra first, so the cannon is gone
Imagine this by trial-and-error or drawing level maps
Finding key to door number 2
For unknown reason this door is protected heavily - it is leading back to the starting area
Transporter inside the level
The way to key no 5 let's you enjoy the nice parallax scrolling
Finally reached the level end
Energy barrier in level 2 - I should find a way around it
These cannons are annoying: they fire even if not visible on the screen