Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box (Atari ST):
    Government presents one of the most complicated challenges known to man. In order to run a single country efficiently, a leader has to control and manipulate a host of variables. Imagine how much more complex it is to govern an entire planet.


    SUPREMACY is a single-player strategy-simulation game that offers you the chance to battle for economic and military domination in four planet systems. You are personally responsible for managing resources, governing people, overseeing mining and farming operations, developing military strategies, training troops, planning campaigns and directing battles.

    Four alien dictators, one in each planet system, seek to defeat you. You ultimate goal is to win all the territory there is to win and to crush all four opponents, thereby protecting your home universe from the threat of invasion.

    Strategic skills are called for - both as commander-in-chief and as director of economic policies. Moral decisions also have to be taken; for instance, are you prepared to starve your people to death, tax them totally out of pocket and sacrifice them without mercy to the alien forces in order to hold on to power? Or do you see yourself as a beneficent ruler, who cares for the welfare of his subjects?

    Contributed by PCGamer77 (3236) on Mar 08, 2003.