Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods Credits


Level Design:Alex Trowers, Glenn Corpes, Sean Cooper, Kevin Donkin, Bryon Paul Hapgood
Producer:Joss Ellis
Assistant ProducerKevin Shrapnell
Programmers:Peter Molyneux, Glenn Corpes
Product Management:Christopher Thompson
Game Graphics:Gary Carr, Paul McLaughlin
Technical Assistance:Jeff Haas, Colin McLaughlan
Sounds:Charles Callet, Les Edgar
Music:Charles Callet
Cover Art:David John Rowe
Documentation:Andrea Smith, David Luoto
Manual Layout:Carol Aggett, Chris Morgan
Bullfrog Testing:Peter Carter, Jonty Barnes, Chris Brereton, Kristian Wilson, Giles Cookson, James Richardson, Anton Rodgers, Mark Ayre, Alfie Noakes, Alex Trowers, Bryon Paul Hapgood, Kevin Donkin, Glenn Corpes, Gary Carr, Paul McLaughlin, Scott Johnston, Sean Cooper
Electronic Arts Testing:John Roberts, Jason A. S. Whitely, Stephen Holmes, Matthew Webster, Scott Probin

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Credits for this game were contributed by Silverfish (1295)