Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Atari ST (UK):
    Fame or oblivion?
    It's down to you

    The Key to success lies with both player and financial management. You should ensure that those vital ground improvements are made in order to pull in both the crowds and sponsors. In addition match success will lead to higher gates and improve team morale.
    Keep an eye on the transfer market as key players can make a difference to the squads overall performance.
    Each manager starts his career in the Conference League. Depending on the success or failure of your management skills, your team will either find itself leaping up the Divisions on route to the top or languishing with the Part Timers!
    • 5 Full Divisions
    • Cup Competitions
    • Full Ground Sponsorship
    • Full ground improvements scheme as laid out in the Taylor Report
    • Comprehensive Transfer Market
    • Full player training with up to five dedicated coaching staff
    • Complete interaction with other team managers

    Contributed by Wizo (29558) on Feb 02, 2007.

Amiga Action magazine:
    There's only one good enough to be called.... Premier Manager

    - One to four player option - Match highlights with six game speeds - Manager and club histories - Complete results service - Weekly fax data on match reports, transfer news and player information - 5 full divisions - Cup competitions - Comprehensive transfer market - Complete interaction with other team managers - Full player training with up to five dedicated coaching staff

    "The answer to a dedicated football fans prayers" - Amiga Format

    "A contender for the best soccer management game on the Amiga" - Amiga Power

    "Convincingly boots other football management games into touch" - Amiga Action 90%

    Contributed by Martin Smith (66754) on Oct 27, 2004.