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Atari ST User (Oct, 1989)
It's easy to be overwhelmed by Red Lightning's mass of information, but it certainly adds to the atmosphere. An interesting game, but definitely for dedicated wargamers only.
ST Format (Aug, 1989)
It's about time that war games were made more attractive to the general public rather than being aimed specifically at the minority of dedicated enthusiasts who'll probably buy any game that comes out, simply because there are so few released. Many potential buyers are put off by the boring presentation and huge, but detailed manuals that accompany the games.
RED LIGHTING simuliert äußerst realistisch die möglichen Geschehnisse eines 3. Weltkrieges. Über das eigentliche Spielthema kann man (und sollte man) diskutieren, wogegen es über die Qualitäten des Programmes nicht viel zu streiten gibt. Einige kleine Ungereimtheiten stehen einer Vielzahl positiver Aspekte gegenüber. Freunde dieses Genres sollten ruhig einmal RED LIGHTNING unter die Lupe nehmen. Der Computer wartet schon darauf, euch zu schlagen!
World War III in Central Europe. The game has some interesting concepts (e.g. forward deployment of subordinate units albeit at a cost of added fatigue), but the user-friendliness/ clumsiness of inputs is so awkward as to make the product a tedious chore rather than an interesting or enlightening experience.