Shadow of the Beast II Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

Title screen.
House (from intro)
Something breaking house's roof.
Game starts here.
Your money is no good here.
Enemy flying with bug.
Climbing a rope.
Big red monster.
Killing monster with my chainball.
Jumped down waterfall.
Against an enemy with a sword.
At old man's house.
Enemies with a shield.
What kind of enemy is this? Looks like something from R-type.
Gremlins throwing cherry bombs?
These fishes look hungry.
Somebody needs my help.
Under attack.
Watch out for green blobs.
Whisper the password.
Yours is longer than mine :)
Found a treasure.
Outside karamoon oasis.
Inside karamoon oasis.
Enemy trying to stop you.
Another trap.
Tight spot.
Playing with switches.