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Grotty graphics and jerky scrolling, but more than made up for by addictive gameplay. The best Ninja game on the ST.
Atari ST User (Dec, 1989)
This game is very addictive. Gameplay is hard enough to keep you interested, allowing you to progress a fair way before being wiped out. Like most things oriental, after an hour you could do with another.
Unlike the high-quality C64 version which I looked at last issue, ST Shinobi is a bit of a sad attempt, featuring jerky sprites and watered-down gameplay It's not a bad buy at £7 99. but there are better titles around for the same amount of money.
Unfortunately similar to the Amiga version. Bland colours and simply drawn, crudely animated sprites are directly taken from the 16-bit commodore, but now with jerky scrolling. Very few samples, simple effects and warbling music round off the game, er, unpleasantly.
Weniger erfreulich sind jedoch Grafik, Animation und Sound des Programms. Die Grafik bieder detailarm, die Animation kantig und eckig, der Sound eintönig und nervig. Übrigens gehen sich da Amiga- und die ST-Fassung in nichts aus dem Wege, sieht man einmal davon ab, daß die „Musike“ auf dem Atari noch um einiges bescheidener klingt als auf dem Amiga. Insgesamt also läßt sich nichts entdecken, was den doch recht stattlichen Preis rechtfertigen könnte.
Like the Amiga, except that the character jumps a little more slowly, which makes accurate control difficult. A very poor program which captures little of the coin-op's addictive, if simple, gameplay.