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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 2.8
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 2.4
Overall User Score (6 votes) 2.8

Critic Reviews

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Zero (Mar, 1990)
Fast paced first person perspective 3D scrolling shoot 'em up. Shame about the slightly jerky nature of the graphics.
Grandslam's Space Harrier II on the ST is so good a conversion, it makes the Megadrive redundant... until Sega comes up with the next generation of 16-bit blasters on its megadeck. The only thing Space Harrier II lacks is depth of gameplay - but that factor has never deterred any Space Harrier fan before.
To get the bad news over with, the good old giant chessboard ground doesn't work very well. It's fine in the foreground and moves smoothly (if a little slowly), but towards the horizon perspective is strange and unnatural. Although sprite 3-D is jerky, it's quite fast and definition is very good. Music is good and there's a sampled scream and an enthusiastic 'Get ready!'.
Although Space Harrier II is a very slick and faithful conversion of the Megadrive game, featuring colourful, fast and smooth 3D graphics and decent sounds, it doesn't really have anything new to offer. Okay, so you've got a new set of aliens to blast, but really it's just the same as the previous game. Still, if you can't get enough of Space Harrier, or missed out on the original, this is about the best version you're likely to see on the ST.
Power Play (Apr, 1990)
Wer im Kampf um begehrte Spielautomaten-Lizenzen den kürzeren gezogen hat (oder nicht so viel Geld ausgeben wollte), der greift einfach auf japanische Videospiel-Hits zurück.
Fazit: SPACE HARRIER II bietet gegenüber dem ersten Teil spielerisch nichts Neues. Technisch wie grafisch weiß es zwar mehr als der Vorgänger zu überzeugen, doch ist das Harrier-Thema mittlerweile etwas ausgelutscht. Das einzige, was zu tun ist, ist feindlichen Schüssen auszuweichen und herumzuballern. Vor zwei Jahren mochte das noch recht motivierend sein, doch in unserer, durch Extrawaffen „verwöhnten“ Zeit ist SPACE HARRIER nur noch ein Abklatsch einer alten Spielidee. Und so kann ich als alter Harrier-Freak im Jahre 1990 dem Programm nur das Prädikat „Besserer Durchschnitt“ verleihen, das sich technisch zwar von der besten Seite präsentiert, spielerisch aber kaum Abwechslung bietet.
ST Format (Apr, 1990)
Dedicated fans of the coin-op are the only ones who stand to gain anything from Space Harrier ll because the "updated" version only offers a new set of levels instead of standing up as a game in its own right - a fact which won't attract much interest from the casual shoot-'em-up player and which will almost certainly condemn the game to the obscurity it so richly deserves.