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Spitting Image: The Computer Game (Atari ST)

Spitting Image: The Computer Game Atari ST The story.


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Power Play
Spitting Image ist ein Heidenspaß - wenn man frechen Humor und bissige Seitenhiebe mag. Anhänger der Prominenten dürften hingegen schnell zum Ausschalter greifen. Das Spiel legt schonungslos alle Fehler der Personen offen, ohne den guten Geschmack völlig zu verletzen. Spielerisch ist Spitting Image in Ordnung. ohne die Klasse von “Punch Out“ auf dem Nintendo zu besitzen. Die Seitenansicht Iäßt keine trickreichen Kampftechniken zu. In höheren Level braucht man ein gutes Auge, um seinen Kontrahenten auf die Bretter zu schicken. Fazit: Wer schon immer den Papst gegen Khomeini boxen sehen wollte, kommt an Spitting Image nicht vorbei.
Atari ST User
I'm a great fan of the series and this computerised version of Spitting Image is hilarious. The graphics are spot on. However, I too found the play slightly lacking in depth, and once you've had a good laugh at the characters there's not much to keep you coming back for more.
Computer and Video Games (CVG)
It's a shame there isn't just a little more in it, because the brilliant humour and many neat touches are wasted on the very weak gameplay.
ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
The graphics on the ST are quite wonderful, from the detailed backdrops to the partially-animated caricatures and the fully-animated sprites. Everything is dead smooth and humorously implemented. Unfortunately, the gameplay is more in the rolling demo league; as a straightforward combat game it fails miserably and any novelty value soon wears right off.
The One
As the essence of the television programme is vicious humour, satire and parody, surely here was a chance to have a game which was deliberately funny. The only thing the game and programme have in common is a name and the title music, Domark has produced accurate conversions in the past (Trivial Pursuit), but all we have here is another lost opportunity.
The Games Machine (UK)
Resting wholly on its tie-in with, and so-called humour of, the TV programme, Spitting Image fails to rise above the ranks of a very poor man's Exploding Fist. If you're buying it for the humour (why else?) you may have a fun time for the first hour - but that's all.