Sporting Triangles Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

Title screen
Player input
Random starting order
Choose your specialist area
Reflected in player appearances once the game starts
The main triangular game board
Do you know the answer? 2 points if you do
The dice is rolled again
This one I did know
Clue: The Official Blackpool FC game wouldn't be a hit on the Spectrum
The Hit For 6 round - a succession of clues are given
The sooner you get it, the more you score
Candidates come from a range of sports
The Jigsaw round is of variable difficulty
The on-the-buzzer round
Honesty required
Maybe this question was a bad idea
The final results
You can play another game with the old categories eliminated
That means he was not out when all around him got out
Enough for Gremlin to make a licensed game around him