SuperFly Credits (Atari ST)

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SuperFly Credits


GraphicsPeter van Rijn (Havoc), Kevin Dempsey (sh3), Hans J. Albert - Strategem - miscredited role
MusicMalcolm S. Grant (msg)
CodingLeon O'Reilly (Pink)
Additional video codeAnders Eriksson (Evil), Björn Spruck (Sage)
Packing codeAxe
SID sound replayMC, Carsten Köckritz (Defjam), Anders Eriksson (Evil), Thomas Reiss (Frost)
TestingHans J. Albert (Stratagem), Teemu Hukkanen (Partycle), Adam Klobukowski (Adam), Havoc, Janez Valant (SWE), Kevin Dempsey (sh3)
GreetingsAggression, Alive Team, Animal Mine, Checkpoint, Chosneck Team, Cream, Creators, Dead Hackers Society, Delta Force, Dune, Equinox, Escape, Fit, Fun, ICS, Idemline, Maggie Team, Mind Design, Mystic Bytes, Nature, New Beat, Oxygene, Paranoia, PHF, Respectables, Satantronic, Sector One, Stax, STEem Team, Synergy, TEX, Therapy, TNB, Torment, tSCc, Toys, UCM, Xtroll, Wildfire, Yes Crew, Aldn, Bandit, Brume, Daryl, Gaiyan, Jason, Kellis, Lonsdale, Maraka, Ozk, Pelikonepeijoonit, Pikachu, Sage, Shuiming Lai, Stimpy, Tyrem

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Credits for this game were contributed by Игги Друге (46463)