SuperFly Screenshots (Atari ST)

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Atari ST version

Loading screen
Main menu
Some online help
So you'll have to play for several days to see the credits
Set up a Freeflight game
Ready to go
Flying, er, floating your u-boat
Crashed into an obstacle
Try again
Release the button now to sink below the obstacle
Enter highscore
After some playing, you unlock the next mode
Pick up enough stars to complete the stage
You've picked up enough stars
Now pick up some more
In stage mode, you fly until you reach the goal
There it is!
Reached the goal
In hunter mode, pick up more stars
The game provides detailed statistics
The introduction to the story mode
After some boating, you reach your secret cave...
...and take off in your helicopter
What a refreshing change!
The helicopter stages completed
Now it's off towards the moon
But no matter what vessel you're in, it's the same game
...even in space
The fourth world is a Superman-like job
That must hurt
Now, this was rather unexpected!
Still, even as a kettle you must collect stars
In the fancy gallery where pictures are unlocked
Some concept art
Another concept