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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - DOS Action 16 release:
    Seek and Destroy the Evil One.

    "Far from Edengarhn is the castle of the Evil One. Far from your village, a lord keeps a secret, such a powerful lord that he cannot be human, a creature floating in a world that dies and grows again".
    Now, as others went before you, you must learn that it is your turn to face the Evil One but you are the one who will come back...
    You must travel through dense forest and over high mountains to reach a temple guarded by evil sentries. Then, if you are successful in your quest you will return to your tribe with the gift.
    Targhan is a challenging animated adventure game with over 120 landscapes and 40 different characters plus digitised music and sound. Playable on joystick or keyboard.

    Contributed by DarkDante (6194) on May 29, 2006.