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Thunderbirds (Atari ST)

Thunderbirds Screenshots

Atari ST version

Title screen
Press the number to load the apporopriate level, provided you have the password
Mission 1 loading screen
Equipment selection
Game start
To the left
Brains' starting point
All looks a bit rickety
Danger up above
And it got me
Mission 2 start
Starting near Thunderbird 4
The control room
He has something useful
A corridor with a door at the end
Lots of equipment here
Radiation dangers here
And it's taking its toll on my men, as the flickering pictures show
Mission 3 loading screen
The starting point for it
A dingy corridor
The lift system
Standing one character over a cabinet opens another
Which your assistant can open
You may find something useful
Down a ladder
You'll have to dig in and use it though
Take it to the next level
The key is all-important
Dangerous lasers in here
Mission 4 loading screen
Mission starting point
The boss' games room - notice the Pacman machine
Sheet music there
Can I play piano?