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[Budget re-release] The game is livened up by the American TV style presentation, including shots of the crowd, cheerleaders and reports after each quarter. An excellent buy at this price, even if you're new to the real-life game.
Atari ST User (Sep, 1989)
The graphics are superb - the best I have seen in any sports simulation - the grunting and thumping sound effects realistic and the gameplay supremely addictive. Just kick a field goal to encapsulate the best of all these qualities.
American Football fanatics will love this game, but if you are a beginner, don't worry. It's not too difficult to get into, and there is a comprehensive booklet on the rules of the game included with the software. There is also a lot to learn by simply sitting back and letting the computer play itself. Unreservedly recommended.
There is a big difference, however: the ST pitch is only the width of the screen so that it just scrolls vertically . While this damages authenticity it avoids any multi-direction scrolling difficulties and makes for a faster, more arcade-like game all-round. Die-hard American football fans may condone the pitch dimensions but TV Sports Football is probably the best, most detailed sports sims available for the ST.
Was soll‘s, TV SPORTS FOOTBALL ist eine schöne Footballanimation, die ihr Geld wert ist, zumal die fehlenden Programmpunkte deshalb weggelassen wurden, um das ganze Game auf eine einzige Diskette zu packen.
Power Play (1989)
Ich habe noch kein Sportspiel erlebt, bei dem die Aufmachung so toll ist wie bei “TV Sports: Football“. Die Cinemaware-Programmierer schaffen es immer wieder, mit gekonnten Grafik- und Sound-Spielereien zu verblüffen. Die ST-Version wurde leicht abgespeckt: Das Football-Spielfeld scrollt nur von oben nach unten; außerdem ist der Sound nicht so imposant wie beim Amiga. Realistisch wirkt das Programm durch den Liga-Modus, der die tollsten Statistiken und Tabellen liefert. Die Langzeit-Motivation ist dank des Liga-Modus einfach prächtig. Präsentation und Atmosphäre setzen neue Maßstäbe und zeigen, daß das Sport-Genre noch lange nicht ausgreizt ist. Wer Football prinzipiell nicht ausstehen kann, dem ist allerdings vom Kauf abzuraten.
ST Format (Nov, 1989)
Still, there's more than enough football here to keep you out of your pads for a week or two. The game is complex and very long, and perhaps it's for these intrinsic reasons that it, frankly, lacks excitement. There's a sense of isolation during play, created by the very system that makes the game playable in the first place. Because there's no definite moment when you take control, it's never quite clear whether that last touchdown pass was down to your skilful reading of the situation, or just a computer fluke.
Fans who want the detail, sophistication, and player identification of the National Football League will be disappointed with the current product (but might be interested should Cinemaware decide to publish an NFL team disk). The rosters can be edited so that actual professional athlete's names could appear and the ratings can be edited to generally reflect an actual player's abilities, but as mentioned earlier, this is not entirely satisfactory. Action game fans who want a difficult game may not like this game as well as a strict arcade game like John Elway's Quarterback, but players who want to capture the atmosphere, flow of play, and fast-moving competition of professional football should love it.