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Wicked (Atari ST)

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The Games Machine (UK)
I'm not surprised to see that both games are graphically identical, but the bouncy tunes on the ST version don't really fit the game so well, which does something to dampen the atmosphere so essential to Wicked's enjoyment. Gameplay remains as thrilling however.
ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment)
A brilliant game. Original, addictive, but, most importantly, weird. Check it out.
ST/Amiga Format
Wicked is a weird game, it combines strategy and arcade action with tarot and astrology to produce an incredibly addictive game, for a while. There are three styles of game that you can play: tactical bias, standard mix and arcade bias, which cater for most players, but in the long term you may well get bored of just shooting growth. Actually completing the game will take a long time because on later constellations there are hordes of evil portals and the computer plays much more intelligently. If you do eventually win you're unlikely to play again, but you might still load it up occasionally to listen to the music. Thoroughly enjoyable and with plenty of occult references - what more could you want from a game?
The One
Some kind of variation on the basic structure or a bonus level might have generated more long-term interest; having said that, Wicked is initially very addictive and makes the most of its occult connections. Combined with the suitably spooky music, the bold and colourful graphics, straight from a tarot deck create an eerily supernatural atmosphere. The only real failing is that its just a little bit repetitive - but not excessively so - and therefore may appeal more to the arcade enthusiast rather than the strategist.