ATV: Quad Power Racing Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Select what play mode you want.
Select your quad bike.
These pick-ups are strewn about the track.
The lightning pick-up gives you a 5-second speed burst.
Arrows show you there is a corner coming up. The different colours indicate its sharpness - yellow being medium.
The corners are the best place for overtaking.
Your rider hold his arms in the air when victorious.
End of race stats
The second level is in a wood
Hitting the sign will knock you off your quad.
The third level is slightly less green than the previous.
The farm level has the biggest jumps.
Be careful that you land correctly or the bike will land on top of you.
The snow stage has a lot of sharp corners but the snow has absolutely no effect on handling.
The frog pick-up allows you to jump even higher when using a ramp.
The last level is a canyon level