Aussie Rules Coach Credits (Windows)

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Aussie Rules Coach Credits


Lead ProgrammerIain Gilfeather
Technology ProgrammerMark Final
Technical ManagerChris Wood
AI ProgrammingIain Gilfeather, Chris Wood, Chris James
AI Scripting Language DesignChris Wood
3D ProgrammingMark Final
Interface ProgrammingMark Final, Iain Gilfeather
Tools ProgrammingMark Final, Iain Gilfeather, Chris Wood
Game DesignIain Gilfeather, Paul Williams, Mark Final, Tony Mayor, Marco Hallett, Tony Stevens, Chris Wood, Paul Nisbett
Lead ArtistTony Mayor
Stadium Modelling and TexturingMarco Hallett
Player Modelling and TexturingTony Mayor, Marco Hallett, Dave Pinnell
AnimationTony Mayor, Tony Stevens
Graphic DesignTony Mayor, Gary Whittaker, Marco Hallett, Tony Stevens
FMVsTony Mayor, Tony Stevens
Front End GraphicsGary Whittaker, Tony Mayor, Marco Hallett, Tony Stevens
Manual Written byIain Gilfeather, Mark Final, Chris Wood
HTML Manual Design and LayoutChris Wood
Commentary Provided ByDrew Morphett (credited as Drew Morphet)
Commentary re‑ProcessingChris Wood
Music Written ByBenjamin Mallott
"Bassology" Mix bass trackTony Mayor (¬©bugeyed starfish)
Sound EngineerBenjamin Mallott
QA ManagerPaul Nisbett
TestingPaul Nisbett, Simon Kidman, Daniel Ahrens, Chris Wood, Tony Stevens, Tony Mayor, Marco Hallett, Mark Final, Iain Gilfeather
Project CoordinationIain Gilfeather, Mark Final, Paul Williams
Managing DirectorRod Cobain
Marketing ManagerChris Patmore
Managing AssistantAyse Hussein
Published byOn‑Line Sports
On-line Sports is a trademark ofAAA Game PLC

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