Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth Screenshots (Game Boy Advance)

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Game Boy Advance version

Dud! Duh! Duh! - Title Screen
Aang and crew reach Omashu...finally
Hey look at my wind shield
Faster than Flash himself
Hello piece of wood
Ain't no fireball going to hit me.
Rd. 2 piece of wood
This is my water friend Katara
Katara is cool; she can throw water
Katara saving Aang from trouble
Uh oh, only 64 health left
Chapter introduction
Zuko and Iroh try to escape from Fire Nation
Iroh's primary attack is a stream of fire
Which is useful for activating red crystals, which require continuous damage done to them
Zuko's charge attack is useful for activating multiple crystals at once
Timing attacks to activate two crystals within a limited amount of time
This Fire Nation soldier has a regenerating shield
Facing two Firebenders
Fireballs can collide mid air
End-level arena. Bring it on!
Chapter complete
After each chapter you get a password
Why can't they fly around the tornado? Don't ask!
The tornado switches from the front to back
Near the level's end, the pace gets a little more hectic
Aang trying to ask Toph to teach him Earthbending.
Pushing Toph off the ring to beat her
Toph retaliates
Toph gets knocked off the ring
Man, this looks bad ...
... or not?
Using Earthbending to attack Fire Nation soldiers
Zuko alone
Check out Sokka's sword attack
Using Katara's water whip as a saw to sabotage Fire Nation's drill
Watch out for those pistons
Toph's Earth Bending attack
That claw stuns you for a few seconds if it hits