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Awakening (Windows)

Awakening Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen. The background's focus will sharpen as the main menu fades in.
The title will fade out while the main menu fades in and the background's focus sharpens..
The first chapter in a non-interactive opening cinematic
Part of the opening. The G-Man is going to revive you from stasis..
The first part of the game where you're in control.
I can't get through here due to a force field.
I need to climb up on this box to get into that vent.
My first weapon, the crowbar.
I've grabbed a Glock 17 pistol. Dr. Judith Lightman?
I've got the zero-point energy field manipulator a.k.a. the gravity gun.
These annoyances need to die.
A city patrol
Hmm. This looks familiar.
"On the road, again. Just can't wait to get on the road, again."
The hopper mines are back