Ayumi-chan Monogatari

Ayumi-chan Monogatari Screenshots

FM Towns version

Starting screen
Main menu
She digs NBA
Is this what you want, master?..
Seduction continues
Amazing interactivity?
The passion, the passion...
Romantic kiss

Ayumi-chan Monogatari Screenshots

PC-98 version

Alice Soft logo
Title screen
Main menu
Intro: Ayumi's picture
First meeting...
...and now we are a couple!
Ayumi outside
Ayumi eating
Meeting in a gym
Ayumi undresses
Ayumi shows you some... parts
Ayumi topless
Choices, choices...
Ayumi is ready
Over-the-top effects...
Censored close-up
We're in business!
Passion, passion...
Ayumi is thoughtful
Loading screen
Some concept art
I hope this didn't make it into the final game...