Azkend 2: The World Beneath Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Main menu
Journal chapter review need 4 parts of binoculars
Tutorial examples before start
Third level with clouds that must be removed first before clearing
Third level complete with binocular parts almost all collected
Fourth round with the last part in sight
Binoculars provide a new power-up
Story continues telling about a maelstrom
Inventory items
Chapter 2 working on getting a compass part
The levels are growing in complexity
Working on last part of the compass
Chapter 3 Out of time - The level crumbles down the screen
Finding object in circle somewhere in the the scene - challenges between levels
Ran out of timer! OK start again.

iPhone version

Main menu
Congrats. Level complete
Some storytelling
A game with fog
Spot the location
Instructions on classic mode
Inventory of powerups
Are you lost?