Azkend Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Title / main menu (Lite version)
Game mode
Game start
Matching gaining lighting bolts
Lighting strike
Remove tiles below Talisman
First Talisman piece
Map / progress
Chain Wizard trophy
Each level cleared adds color layer
Lighting with another Talisman piece
Talisman Power - connect 4+ explode tiles
Talisman explode power
Find spot mini game

iPhone version

Loading screen
Get ready
Main menu
More/Extras menu
Select game mode
Level selector in adventure mode
Game played with various game play elements
Somewhat later
Some effect is displaying
Unlocking of picture
What is your next move?
Some effects seems to remove some tiles.
Notice how some of the jars are highlighted with arrows between them. These are selected by dragging the finger over the screen.
Survival mode
Survival introduction
A large level
A somewhat smaller level.

Windows version

Loading screen
Title screen and main menu
Choose game mode. Survival is available after you get your first taliman.
The story
Week 1, Day 1. I have cleared some tiles.
Lightning clearing some tiles.
I won a trophy.
I need to get the talisman piece to the bottom.
I finished Week 1, Day 1.
As you go, the background colors in more and more.
The game map
The background is all pretty colored.
I have completed the Talisman of Power.
This is where the talismans are stored.
I strung together 4 talismans of power and they exploded.
I am beginning onthe Talisman of Hammer.
I need to find the area of the background shown in the picture.
I found all 7 areas so I will have 7 seconds added to the clock for the next 7 levels.
We have a new background.
The frozen areas need to be cleared by making a match next to them. The steel areas need to be matched twice to clear them.
II strung together 4 talismans of hammer and and a hammer is hitting randomly.
I ran out of time.
I strung together 4 talismans of stars and some shooting stars are hitting the board.