B-1 Nuclear Bomber Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Game start target - Astrakhan
Status course and speed
Electronic Counter - Jamming working well
TALLINN Defense Complex destroyed by Phoenix missile
Removing another Defense Complex PSKOV
Multiple contacts can't shake - things are heating up
Trying to reduce the heat - Destroyed another Defense Complex PODOL'SK
Can't shake SAM-2 it Nuclear Airbursts! Took damage!
Another SAM-9 Nuclear Airburst! Killing the crew mission failed.

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Introduction... here's the scenario...
Command summary
Some alternative targets...
Entering some commands...

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
You are flying a B-1 bomber out of Thule AFB. You are in an...
The mission briefing with your primary target and fail safe code.
Command list

Commodore PET/CBM version

Primary target assignment & fail safe code
Game start - in the seat cockpit layout - course heading 065
Status check of target
Nav change to target Arkhangelsk bearing 140
Radar search is clear
Search for secondary targets Soviet Defense bases
Autopilot setting for 30min on heading 140
Coming in range to Pechenga Defense base - It scrambles a Mig-27
Electronic counter measure breaks the Mig-27's radar lock it goes RTB
Pechenga is coming in range for a Phoenix missile shot

DOS version

Completing a mission.
Title screen (CGA)
Mission briefing (CGA)
Off we go! (CGA)
Pechenga defense complex gets uppity... (CGA)
...and receives its due reward. (CGA)
Arming the bomb has sure brought me some attention (CGA)
Arkhangelsk is ashes. (CGA)
Command menu (CGA)
Mission complete (CGA)
Title screen (monochrome)
Mission briefing (monochrome)
Command menu (monochrome)
Using the autopilot to fast-forward those long flights (monochrome)
Onega has launched its last anti-aircraft missile (monochrome)
Armed and ready! (monochrome)
A MiG is on my tail... pathetically far away (monochrome)
Thank you come again (monochrome)

TRS-80 version

Mission intro and target and failsafe code
Secondary target Soviet Defense bases
Game start and status
Defense complex launches alert fighter that you decoy with ECM
Phoenix missile strike success
Late in mission looks like they are throwing everything at you
Mission fail run out of fuel