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Opening story
Main menu
Level 1
The first level.
Level completed
Level stats
Click an item to buy to begin rebuilding the Hanging Gardens.
The paths have been rebuilt.
Introducing coins
The level 1 hammer. It will remove a bloom or chain but nothing below it.
Ready to buy seeds to put flowers in the garden.
I have selected the hammer to use.
The amulet is on the screen. You need to remove blooms to get the amulet to the bottom of the screen.
Buying a gazania to plant.
To destroy boxes, make matches in which part of the match touches a box.
A four bloom match creates a rainbow flower. Rainbow flowers can be matched with any two of the same blooms.
Thirsty plants need water. Click the water jug to get some water for your plants.
This hammer is level 2. It can destroy abloom and one layer of tile below it.
The hammer at level 3. It will destroy whatever bloom you use it on, everywhere on the board, as well as any chains or tiles with those blooms.
This is where you will select the water jug to use it.
Introducing chains.
Make a five-way match and it creates a Helix. That clears an entire horizontal row of blooms, tiles and chains. It will clear boxes but not what is under them.
The Helix at work.
A pot of pest killer. To kill pests on plants.
Using pest killer on a plant.
Watering a plant.
The shop, where you can buy additional water or pest killer, spells, bigger chests, etc.
I bought the Fireball Spell.
Now you have mana, which is used to cast spells.
Using the level 1 Fireball Spell.
Unpolished marble tiles need to be matched over twice to clear them.
This level has a little of it all.
Ishtar is angry because my garden is neglected.
Because of her anger, Ishtar is destroying one of the improvements.
The Quays Palace is complete and I have unlocked its wallpaper.
The Quays Palace wallpaper menu.

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