Back to the Future Adventure Screenshots

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PC-88 version

Title screen
The first scene - just like in the movie
Troubles at school...
...and in music
Kissing Jennifer
Sub-menus of objects are rather sparse
Your dorky parents - you'll have to change the past to make them cool!
What do you want to do, Marty?
Doc!! - Marty!! .... ahh, the magic moments of the movie
Dining with your family in the past
Stop! Don't say anything! I can read your mind!
Great Scott!.. :)
You meet your father
A Yes or No situation involving Biff
You'll have to make your father strong and manly
Your Mom with a girlfriend. What do you do?..
Marty is writing a letter in stylish black-white
Already the dance scene? This game unfortunately requires very little skill to beat
Don't mess with jazz musicians, Marty :)