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Back to the Future: The Game

Back to the Future: The Game Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Episode selection screen.
Episode 1 - Main menu, looks the same for every episode
Episode 1 - Doc is as enthusiastic about his experiments as ever.
Episode 1 - Helping Doc find his notebook.
Episode 1 - Present time info.
Episode 1 - So it was just a dream.
Episode 1 - Game title appears prior to every episode title.
Episode 1 - Episode title.
Episode 1 - Looking for clues about Doc with his trusty dog Einstein.
Episode 1 - Inventory.
Episode 1 - Confronting Edna.
Episode 1 - Setting time for the past.
Episode 1 - Going 50 years into the past to save Doc.
Episode 1 - Appearing in the middle of a police chase.
Episode 1 - Welcome to the past.
Episode 1 - Doc got himself into some serious trouble.
Episode 2 - Marty is disappearing.
Episode 2 - Busted!
Episode 2 - Circle around the car to outwit the policeman.
Episode 2 - Younger Edna had a lot of plans.
Episode 2 - Younger Doc mustn't know your true identity.
Episode 2 - An experiment gone seriously wrong.
Episode 2 - Real Doc has to lay low as he is a person of interest in this area.
Episode 2 - An illegal gambling den.
Episode 2 - Inquiring about Tannen's victims.
Episode 2 - Violence is not tolerated.
Episode 2 - Marty is in disguise.
Episode 2 - Trying to convince Trixie to turn on Kid Tannen.
Episode 2 - Officer Parker lost his spunk.
Episode 2 - Some of the items are informative while others are necessary to progress the game.
Episode 2 - Kid Tannen is gunning down everything that moves.
Episode 3 - Returning back to the future.
Episode 3 - That's called the bad landing.
Episode 3 - Trying to find a way down.
Episode 3 - Newspapers will change as you change the past.
Episode 3 - Salvaging useful stuff from the wreckage.
Episode 3 - Doc isn't the only one who can invent useful things.
Episode 3 - This place has changed since Marty last left it.
Episode 3 - Something is watching every move of the local population.
Episode 3 - Surprised to find Jennifer's dad being a policeman.
Episode 3 - Even Biff behaves in this new system.
Episode 3 - Jennifer seems a bit wilder now.
Episode 3 - The guitar duel.
Episode 3 - Won the girl back.
Episode 3 - Doc does not believe Marty's words, so you'll have to convince him.
Episode 3 - Somebody's playing dirty.
Episode 4 - Episode title.
Episode 4 - What is this place?
Episode 4 - Need to find the combination to this locker.
Episode 4 - Doc has seen better days.
Episode 4 - Some people are trying to help you break out from the prison.
Episode 4 - Talking to Jen over the intercom.
Episode 4 - Marty dressed as a security guard trying to help Doc.
Episode 4 - Items inventory.
Episode 4 - A daring escape plan.
Episode 4 - Hiding in the trash cans.
Episode 4 - Confronting Edna.
Episode 4 - Marty with his grandfather.
Episode 4 - The DeLorean as the ultimate time machine.
Episode 4 - Marty can either walk or run.
Episode 4 - Trying to dissuade Emmett from jumping.
Episode 5 - There's time for action, and there's time to relax.
Episode 5 - Inside Emmett's lab.
Episode 5 - Wow, that was some reckless driving.
Episode 5 - Doc and Marty not seeing everything eye-to-eye.
Episode 5 - Chasing the static accumulator.
Episode 5 - Edna's schemes are put to a stop.
Episode 5 - Serving as a buffer between Emmett and his dad.
Episode 5 - Emmett's presentation at the expo.
Episode 5 - Wrong person driving the DeLorean.
Episode 5 - A clue about the future.
Episode 5 - The new Doc, coming to save Marty who came to save Doc.
Episode 5 - Michael J. Fox's special appearance.
Episode 5 - Going even further into the past.
Episode 5 - What happened to this DeLorean?
Episode 5 - Yet another crazy Edna to deal with.

Back to the Future: The Game Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu displaying the DeLorean at the PPinney Mall (Episode 3)
Attention! Flying DeLorean approaching. (Episode 3)
The time-machine crashed into a billboard. The punk girl in front didn't even notice. (Episode 3)
Uncle Brown wants YOU! Become a Citizen Plus! Brainwashing by hypnotherapy all inclusive! (Episode 3)
In this time line Hillvalley's court house has become some kind of stronghold. (Episode 3)
Conversation with Marty's father. (Episode 3)