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Backstreet Billiards

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PlayStation 3

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PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Yo!, if you like pool or if you just like some stiff competition in sports then grab a friend and crack a few racks or if your like me and have no friends this is the game that will keep you coming back again and again. So get you're favorite music CD, a glass of eggnog and some holiday cookies and start running the table!
The only thing I would like to have in this game is the ability to run through all the visual angles and zooming based around a ball other than the cue ball. Other than that, it’s a good game with a lot of challenge and options. If you like pool, this game is worth buying. If you’re not a huge fan, it still may be worth taking a look. Rent it—it’s at least good for a weekend of play.
Backstreet Billiards is a decent simulation and, more importantly, a fun gameplay experience that stems from its many diverse play modes - and it has enough goodies to give it replay value. It's the most complete pool-simulation game around for the PlayStation.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
For pool fanatics or those with only a passing interest in billiards I'd have to recommend Backstreet Billiards above any other pool game out there. The unique graphics, modes of play, and overall enjoyment simply can't be topped by any other.
PlayStationThe Video Game Critic
Backstreet Billiards offers a nice range of features and variations, but falls into the same trap as so many other video pool games. Although several cool camera angles are available for each shot, the high overhead view is always the best view, defeating the fancy 3D graphics. The control is pretty decent, and I like the challenging story mode that let's you take on a series of increasingly good pool hustlers. Backstreet is hardly great, but it's probably as good as any other Playstation pool game.