Backyard Baseball 2003 Screenshots

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Windows version

Our introduction BBL ad? For shame! Anyway, it has the kids playing ball.
Title screen
Main menu
There are four new fields in this game...hey wait, isn't that Eckman Acres? So much for "new." (Before you ask, the other "new" fields are recycled too)
Team selection
Heck yes!
Picking players.
Wow, I don't normally pick this many pros.
Team strategy. Unfortunately, it looks like Stephanie is having a bad day.
Sunny and Vinnie give an introduction.
Playing in today's game. I decided to be the Home team this time.
The pitching perspective.
Already the first two outs are strikeouts, netting me two power-ups.
The batting perspective.
Well, that was a weak hit.
Stupid infield fly rule...
Keisha gets a ground rule double because she's just that awesome.
Loading the bases for extreme tension...
How do you like THEM apples, Wombats?
Wow, that's a lot of power-ups...
The Big Freeze freezes the ball just before it crosses the home plate.
A ball towards the outfield in the open never hurts.
Stephanie may be having a bad day, but a Screaming Line Drive never fails.
See? What did I tell you?
Oh the wonders of batting power-ups.
Since I haven't really gotten a picture of the outfield while the other team is at bat yet, here you go.
Hey, they're doing something smart for once. I was wondering how they were letting anyone BUT Randy pitch.
Too bad I have something smarter.
Wow, two for two. Then again, this is Pablo we're talking about...
Gotta love that motion blur.
Oh my gosh. I blindly let everyone run the bases here and I scored another point. Talk about artificial stupidity.
Getting the players in the right spot can be a huge pain.
Double play! (Too bad it was the last inning, or I would have gotten another batting power-up)
The final score.
Meet the players.