Backyard Football Screenshots

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Windows version

It's tradition to advertise a non-existant league in a Backyard game!
A little collage of the NFL teams.
Title screen
The main menu
Game setup
Green and purple jaguars. Seems legit.
Choosing to see who goes first.
Here's our player selection. Thankfully this is the last game not allow all the kids to be on the bleachers in a single game.
My team photo.
The strategy.
You can customize your playbook if you want to.
Creating a play.
Kick that ball!
Well, that was a weak kick.
The offensive view.
Barely got the first down, but apparently it counted.
Running around the defense. It works surprisingly well.
Throwing the ball to Steve...
Preparing for a field goal.
Only in Dirt Yards are you going to see patched up windows to represent the goalposts.
Ovalteen? A crummy commercial?
Defending the way we should.
Sometimes you can even get power-ups...
...that poof the receiver down the field!
Pablo wins us another!
Just to hammer in the reality that I'm winning, I make the two-point conversion.
Just in case I wasn't doing great enough, here comes a safety.
"Oh, wait a second! The defense just used a chameleon play to make their uniforms match the offense's, cause...I'm just as confused as the quarterback!" -- Chuck Downfield
And now I feel very embarrassed.
Annie rubs it in my face.
Oh, you guys and your creative field goals...
Meet the players.