Bad Street Brawler Screenshots

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Commodore 64 version

Bop'n Rumble is probably the only game in which you get to beat up old blind people ...
Gorillas can deal a lot of damage so it's best to keep them at distance.
Better dodge that purse!
These old guys are tougher than they look.
You cannot hit two enemies at the same time, which frequently leads to unfair situations.
Bad Street Brawler title screen
Bop 'N Rumble title screen
Street Hassle title screen

DOS version

Title picture
Main menu
Ingame shot
Ingame shot
You're dead, friend!
The dog
Tickle the dog to defeat it
Headbutting an old, blind geezer
Hey, that's no way to treat a senior citizen!
Each stage has its own ridiculous moves; check out this macho chest-bump.
Cleaning up the streets so grandma can walk home safely
Hey you fatso, I'm right behind you!
Boss battle against a basketball player
Banana-throwing gorillas? I'm terrified. Notice the quality of the gorilla's jumping animation ;->
Jump-kicking a biker
Hey, you're supposed to protect grandma!

NES version

Title screen
Starting a stage
First stage
Fighting guys with knives
We are both tired - me and the monkey...
Completed a stage
The monkeys won't let go...
City center
Abandoned train
Tricky skateboard enemy
Funny cut scene
One way, indeed
Yet another stage
This is what we do to policemen in my country
Basketball players will shoot balls at me

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
Find the 'any' key to complete this joke
Will do
Game start
The first confrontation
A shame I can't grab the stick adn beat her with it
Dogged persistance needed here
Got her into a corner
As in the Phil Collins R&B/Hip-Hop covers album?
Level 1 completed
They'll never make a monkey out of me
Down I go
Stage 3 reached
I feel your fist, and I know it's out of love
Unfortunately, getting a high score ruins the message joke