Balance of the Planet Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

The title screen.
The main screen shows your points for the major environmental topics.
Taxing industries, granting subsidies: the central of power.
Ah, color! Values are adjusted with the slider.
A typical cause-and-effect chain: Funding family planing...
...effects the birth rate,...
...which decreases or increases population...
...and thus influences the overall quality of life,...
...for which you are awarded points.
A report sheet shows your progress after each turn.
After the 9th and final turn, your successes and failures are summarised.
Some subjects are illustrated quite nicely.
One of the rather strange problems that you've got to deal with.
Most equations in the game are customizable. What's the value of one human life?
The happy couple asked players not to make copies; unfortunately to not much effect.

Macintosh version

Results for 1990
Title screen
Feedback for this turn
Things are getting worse
Yes, but the economy is doing fine
How things relate to each other
The quality of life for all humanity is at stake
What, you want me to think of biodiversity as well?
The game does not put you in a good mood
Ah, so that is how it works!
And don't forget the finances

PC-98 version

Title screen
Start of the game - Results screen
Tropospheric CFCs
Energy demand