Bandit Kings of Ancient China Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Credits screen
Introduction story
Title screen
Select a scenario
Select a character
Character statistics
Send out your orders
Settle the ownership of this prefecture
Collect gold to buy goods at the market place
Collect metals in prefecture number four
Typhoons and floods!
Listen to the rumors to hear who is willing to join

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Choose a scenario (EGA)
Set up the players (EGA)
Your orders? (EGA)
Hunting for food (EGA)
Visiting the marketplace (EGA)
Recruit heros (EGA)
Prepare for battle (EGA)
Intro quote. (CGA)
Intro screen. (CGA)
Title screen. (CGA)
Scenario select. (CGA)
Character select. (CGA)
Making a character by rolling stats. (CGA)
The Emperor is worried. (CGA)
Giving out orders. (CGA)
My statistics. (CGA)
I feel betrayed... (CGA)
"Gathering" food. (CGA)

MSX version

The opening credits
Title screen
Part of the introduction sequence
Character information
Select a scenario
Choose a character to play
Accept these character stats?
Beginning the game
Enter your command...
There are plenty of options to choose from...
Select an option
It's an invasion!

NES version

Title Screen
Japanese title screen
Choosing your scenario
Choosing your character
Assigning parameters
Main menu
Checking out people...
People statistics
Preparing an army
Some guys are happy to fight...

PC-98 version

Funny Koei logo :)
Title screen
Scenario select
"Bandit king" select :)
Generating statistics. I need a strong Wu Song, otherwise how can he kill the proverbial tiger?.. :)
Every scenario begins with this plea. How annoying :)
A list of my faithful people... Looks like it's just me and my butler :)
Who cares for politics, I need some sleep :)
What's the matter? That red thing near your nose? Don't eat too much chocolate, it will pass
Dramatic situation!..
A battle begins...
This guy looks sly... what is he planning?..
Flood. These things happen...
Battle in a forest!..
Why go to war if we can just have non-violent fun?... I could never understand that...
Battle in a snowy region
Massive assault on an enemy fortress
Actions menu
Ha! I'm so rich! SO RICH!..
What are you so happy about, you idiot?.. :)
Showing off some muscles :)
No, we aren't playing chess, moron. It's called "diplomacy". It's what you do when you are too weak to kick the other guy's ass
Instead of becoming the supreme ruler of China, you decide to go and hunt some wild pigs
The destiny of the country is in your hands! the people are listening...
Training. Ow! Ow! Ow!..
Looks like they are all eating giant Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls :)
Oh wow! A FEMALE advisor! You chose wisely, o king! A sharp, practical mind instead of all those hot-headed warmongers...
Looking at the list of countries to invade, you remember that you still need to buy that "Ultra Hair Growth" (TM) lotion from the local grocery shop

SEGA Saturn version

Title screen
Scenario selection
Choosing a character
Map and main menu
Taking a look at my allies before taking action
Battle screen
Attack animation