Bang Bang Racing Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Selection between the three main game modes
There are four main racing classes.
Preparing for the start of a race.
All my opponents use their nitro right away.
Finished the race in first place.
Track selection screen
The first corner is generally pure mayhem.
Watch out for oil as it will take a while before you regain grip.
Trying to beat the target time in the top right corner in a time trial race.
Racing in autumn with leaves on the track. The billboards advertise another game by Digital Reality.
Driving through the pit lane to restore the car's health.
Cones slow down cars as well.
The game keeps track of your best times.
A classic speedway track
Cars get faster quickly, but all opponents drive the same vehicle as yours.
Defining the parameters for a Free Play race.