Banjo-Tooie Screenshots

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Nintendo 64 version

Title screen
Two years after the original game, Banjo and friends are playing poker one dark night...
...but a very bony Gruntilda is freed from her stony prison!
Grunty and her sisters have murdered Bottles, and left Spiral Mountain in ruins.
Klungo, Grunty's henchman, is furious at Banjo for spoiling her wicked plans.
King Jingaling gives Banjo and Kazooie their first Jiggy and shows them the way forward.
Bottles' wife is waiting for her husband...who's going to tell her?
Before you can open a new world, you must solve a jigsaw puzzle such as this.
Sergeant Jamjars, Bottles' brother, teaches the duo new moves.
Notes are used to pay for new moves.
Players can even play as Mumbo! Here, he controls a giant golden statue.
Inside a golden treasure room
This hidden cave is actually connected to a world that you won't see till much later.
The game also features first-person sections where you control Kazooie as a gun.
The totem god Targitzan protects his temple from intruders like Banjo.
Creep through the sticks to steal the jade snake's treasure.
Playing Mayan Kickball as Stony Banjo.
Exploring more of the Isle O' Hags, the witches' homeworld.
Gems like these are piled around Glitter Gulch Mine.
An icy cavern that holds a Jiggy, as well as a secret...
In a race against Canary Mary, using a handcart.
Battling Old King Coal inside his train's boiler.
Mrs. Boggy has lost her three kids in Witchyworld.
Passing a burger stand.
This creepy hall is pitch black except when the swinging lights light the area.
It's a loooong way down...
High above Witchyworld on the cable car
All this work and the Saucer O' Peril is STILL not working!
As the Banjo Van, you're completely invincible and can smash slot machines!
You'll need to shoot eggs while flying to destroy the gigantic Mr. Patch.