Bank Panic Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Level Select.
Round 01.
Searching the bank.
Don't shoot.
Shoot him.
Giving you money for not shooting.
Got an outlaw.
Round Completed.
Money Collected.
A bandit shooting at you
Shoot off all the hats for a bonus
You were too slow. A bandit has shot at you...
...causing you to, uh, scrape the paint off the wall with your back?
"Unfair" means you've shot the bandit before they had a chance to draw a gun.
Whoops, shot a customer. "Do I look like this guy?!" Why, yes, you almost do.
Lady blowing you a kiss after saving her from a bandit.
Shoot the bomb before it explodes...
...or this will happen.
Extra bonus for shooting a particularly wanted outlaw
Out of lives, game over
High score table

MSX version

Title screen
Most Wanted
Intro screen
Start screen
The robber is behind one of these doors
Don't shoot the hostages!
Collect the money
Don't you dear to shoot grandpa and grandma!

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
Our gunslinger ready for action
The bank teller stares at the bandit, but does nothing about him
Thanks, ma'am
Destroy the dynamite
"Set me free and I'll give you all the gold I've got"
"Hey pal, watch where you're shooting"
You've saved the bank

SG-1000 version

Title screen
Select level
Game start
Killed a guy
Got shot
Dead on the ground
Game over