Barbie: Super Sports Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

After displaying the company logo the game starts an animated sequence with this screen. It's pink with nice big letters and its not in the least bit patronising
Here's Barbie on the snowboarding slopes
The animated introduction ends with Barbie and her friends on the skating rink
The game's title screen
The game's main menu
The game's configuration options.
Starting a new game. First select 1/2 player, then select a girl to play with, then enter the player id, then choose a sport.
Starting a new game. after selecting their character and then entering their name the player chooses a sport.
Equipping the character is done in this shop, The screens are slightly different depending on the sport. The player can't go through the door to plat he game if the girl is not dressed
The player starts with basic skates, or boards, and earns tickets which they use to upgrade

Windows version

Title screen
Opening video - Barbie and friends
Signing in.
Choosing a character/sport.
Barbie goes straight to the clothing shop, of course!
Here she selects her wardrobe and -
- skates to match.
Beginning a training session.
Performing jumps gives Barbie points.